November 23, 2010


another funny one:)

November 22, 2010

my swimming suit shoot

Photographer : Shawn
Stylist & Makeup : Kledsine Tala
Hair Stylist : Naoki
Assistant : Uliana
Model : Sky from Red

Veta 2010

the ad that everybody in my office are waiting for
because 100++ of pretty girls come to office for casting lol

no wonder why everybody in the set smile all the time:D

n ju, n c and n may are pretty, cute and lively

they are just the cutie pie:)


sometime you gotta work for MOM :P


Worked with one of the most Beautiful Actress in Thailand.

and one of the best Hair Stylist of the world, Pa tew.

great experience:)

TAT amazing memories

1 main actor
50++ extras each day
9 days of shooting in 2 weeks
10 locations around Thailand

real big production
my big heart memories

changed my life to this day

won't forget for lifetime :)

shooting with shawn

shot this set in Brooklyn, NY last year.

was fun:p

work with Madamn Flamingo

i helped my friends doing this Fashion set for print ad in Elle Magazine. We also did lookbook for the brand. i enjoyed with every seconds i worked with them. the biggest n funniest team i have ever worked with:)
we drank beers, played n worked to get all these wonderful pictures.

love you guys

check out

Credit :

Khaw Tang : Awesome Art Direction
Kledsine Tala : Seductive Stylist
Fone Komchard : Astonishing Acting Coach with Super Pose
Mamod : Hyper Casting
Paul : Marvelous Assistant!
my p X : Terrific Props
Abb : Adventurous Dangerous Photographer

p'Ty and Madamn Janet

Thank you for props from
Macho Mango
The Sh***

Location : Train Park
Make-up : p'Johnny

worked for บุญถาวร

the second job